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January 27, 2015


This post is a commentary on the article “The Robots Are Coming — Aren’t They?” written by Rob Daley, CEO of 4moms for Techcrunch on Jan 17, 2015.


Rob Daley wrote a great article on Techcrunch the other day, about the future of robotics. He argues against the generally accepted idea that in the future, humanoid robots will help us by doing a variety of t...

January 20, 2015


When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are two seemingly mutually exclusive ways to get started. The first is doing a proof of concept while you keep your day job. The second is putting everything on the line and just going for it full-time.


Proof of concept is testing out a business idea before going in all the way. This is a wise thing to do: no matt...

January 13, 2015



Selling rarely comes easily. Customers almost never say, “I’ll take it!” after you give them that first overview of what you do. There are always questions and concerns. Those questions have to be answered and those concerns have to be addressed. When someone is proposing something to me, I like my questions and concerns to be tackled in a pleasant, pos...

January 6, 2015


Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, it’s important to have goals. A year is a long time, but life is short. In order for you to get to where you’re going—wherever that may be—you need a game plan. But not just any game plan: a game plan you can commit to. Setting yearly goals is a great way to do that.


Typically, I review my past year’s goals...

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