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April 23, 2015

I have a few sales rules I like to follow, and one of them is to never escalate price when you’re talking to a client that isn’t familiar with what you’re selling. That means that if you start out quoting $1 for Service X, keep talking about that same service and same price, unless the prospect asks for another service. Don’t—under any circumstances—start...

April 7, 2015



Quick takeaway: Learn to see follow-ups for the positive force they are instead of a necessary pain.


Oh, pity the poor follow-up. So many people hate it. That icky feeling of being a pest, of quasi-spamming someone. The unpleasant perception that you need the person you’re following-up with more than they need you. And of course, the simple difficulty o...

April 2, 2015

A comfort zone is a nice thing. It’s… well, comfortable. Easy. Simple. Fast. It doesn’t ask you to take risks or learn new things. That’s why we like to stay in our comfort zone. In a world that’s so busy, it’s nice to have something that minimizes effort—and any possible downside.


Unfortunately, comfort zones are also boring. When you get really good at...

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