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Writing and editing for any need

I work closely with my customers to fully incorporate their sales strategy into all the content I produce. My specialties include:

  • Working on large proposals (experience writing proposals up to $6 billion)

  • Adding effective marketing and sales spin without changing or exaggerating facts

  • Rewriting content from multiple sources to create a single consistent voice

  • Reorganizing content into graphs and tables in order to better present information

Business Meeting

Proposal and bid writing and editing


Writing and editing for proposals, bids, RFPs, RFQs; cover letters and executive summaries; case studies; CVs; and pitches - with a strong emphasis on marketing and sales spin.

Working on Laptop

Technical writing and editing

Writing and editing for technical reports and documentation, training manuals, annual reports, and case studies.

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

Editorial management

Developing regular digital content around specific strategic themes for magazine-type web platforms, including articles, editorials, training content, bios, news, statements, etc.

Image by Jason Goodman

Sales and training videos

Sales and training videos for web-based products and services, including translation into multiple languages.

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