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August 19, 2014


Failure gets a bad rap. We don’t like it when it happens to us. And when it does, we find it hard to admit that we had anything to do with it. Often, we make excuses for it—to ourselves and to others. Of course, this makes perfect sense. Who wants to admit that we failed? After all, we think, failure is the opposite of success.


Well, it’s not. To me, the...

August 12, 2014

Every job demands a certain amount of creativity. Some jobs—like graphic design or copywriting—require creativity in a more straightforward way. But any job in the business world needs creativity, because improving, problem-solving, developing and adapting all require you to use that right side of your brain.


There is, however, a difference between being...

August 5, 2014


How do you build loyalty? Does it have to be cumulative, like years of service at a company? Does it have to be nurtured like a sapling in order to amount to something? I think many people would say the answer is yes to both, with a big emphasis on the long-term aspect. People become loyal to clients or customers when they’ve worked with them for a long...

July 24, 2014


One upon a time, computers were all about function. They came enclosed in beige metal boxes, they were bulky and they were ugly, but they did what they were supposed to do, and for most computer companies, that was all that mattered. Then along came Apple with a new idea: why not make computers beautiful? While Apple did a lot of other things to make the...

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